May meeting minutes

Salt Lake Co. Dem. Progressive Caucus Meeting
May 25, 2017 
SLCo County Building 

Social began at 6:00 pm 
Fundraiser T-shirts distributed


  • Meeting was called to order at 6:00pm by Chair Oz Lopez

    • Introductions

  • Treasurer report by Kathleen Payne

    • $734.08

    • Jennifer M-S has cash from politisauce

    • Nation Builder $29/m

  • Event announcements by Joe Bycroft

    • May 31, State Chair Town Hall

    • June 8, Karen Mayne pizza meet in Kearns

    • June 11, SLCo Garden Party

    • June 25, Dem Bones with Stonewall Caucus


“Be it resolved that the votes of Unpledged Delegates should be representative of the

votes of their constituents of the party and should direct those delegates to vote in proportion to their constituency.”

  • Amendment to change “should” to “shall” by Bart Tippitts

    • Seconded by Marjory

    • 5 abstentions/ 3 against/ 11 Yes

“Be it resolved that the votes of Unpledged Delegates shall be representative of the

votes of their constituents of the party and shall direct those delegates to vote in proportion to their constituency.”

  • Vote on taking a vote

    • 2 abstentions/ 0 against/ 14 Yes

  • Vote on resolution

    • 5 abstentions/ 4 against/ 12 Yes


Structure and Committees

  • Board would like to propose these committees:

    • Bylaws,

    • Issues/Platform,

    • Mobilization/Volunteer/Canvassing,

    • Legislative Outreach; a group a people who will be citizen lobbyists on the Hill and work with Reps, and write bills.


  • Officially change name in bylaws to “Salt Lake County Democratic Party Progressive Caucus”

  • Name Change to  “Salt Lake County Democratic Party Progressive Caucus” on Art. 1

  • Put something in our bylaws to state we have a PAC. “The Progressive Caucus is authorized to run its own Political Action Committee (PAC) as part of its goal to get progressive elected to office:  

    • Change “get” to “elect” Progressives. Proposed by Erin

    • Seconded by Joe Bycroft

    • “.. to elect progressive candidates to office.”

  • Change “Chair Person” to “Chairperson”

    • Motion to strike Chair Person, and just put Chair from each..

    • Seconded by Joe Bycroft

  • “Standing Committees, etc”

    • Joe moves to table this amendment for another meeting

    • Erin Seconds

    • 1 abstentions/  1 against/ 14 Yes

  • Changing “Vice Chair” to “1st and 2nd Vice Chairs”

  • “Officers will be appointed to the SLCo Central Committee…”

    • Joe motions, change “officers to Representative”

    • Seconded by Joni

    • “Progressive Caucus member to the SLCo Cent shall be appointed in such a way that will maximize representation... “ (Erin)

    • 4 abstentions/ 0 against/ 12 Yes

  • B.3: “Perform other duties as assigned by the chair.”

  • C: “The Caucus 2nd Vice Chair Shall” …

  • D.7: “Keep & Maintain”

  • D.8: “Maintain”

  • D.9: Added “perform other duties…”

  • E.2: “Keep” in place of “Be responsible for”

  • E.3. “Report”

    • Erin moves to make an amendment: Delete Article 7, D, and move to E.6 and move 6 to 7. “Shall Provide…”  

    • Joe Seconds.

  • Article IV, B: “Privileges”

    • “Placed on agenda”

    • C: Amendment from “attended” attend

      • Seconded Edgar

    • Discussion on changing the voting requirements

      • Kat moves to table

      • 5 abstentions/ 0 against/ 12 Yes

  • V,F: Added “Newly Revised” to book title

    • Erin moves to amend to add “Unless otherwise specified”

      • Seconded

  • VI,A: “Candidates for nonpartisan offices”  

    • B: Added “standing”

    • “Electronic means” changed from “email”

  • VII,C&D: to move to Article 5.


Voting, seconded by Joe, Yea 100%


Discussion on Fundraising by Erin

  • Raised $153 with Phase One of t-shirts

    • Hoping for 2nd Phase of T-Shirt fundraiser to be distributed at state convention, progressive caucus

    • Discussion of a table at convention.


    • Fundraising Committee

  • Picnic Fundraiser suggested by Joe Bycroft


Discussion of Convention

  • Weber State, June 17, At Student Union Building

    • Carpooling, Send an email with a Signup Sheet.

      • Edgar Maybe can drive

    • Volunteers needed

  • Taylor Mayne Dinner Table

    • Post in Facebook group.


Motion made to support change in the state platform to say “Medicare for All” 
“This Caucus supports “Medicare For All”

  • Seconded by many

“This Caucus supports “Medicare For All”  and would like the platform to support this.

  • Seconded by Kat.


  • Motion to resolve to take a position for “Expanding Medicare and Medicare for All”

    • 2 abstentions, 12 yeah

Adjourned at 8:49pm