July meeting minutes

Utah Salt Lake County Democratic Progressive Caucus 7/10/2017 special election


Social 6:00 PM, meeting began 6:30 PM

Motion to approve minutes Kat Payne - second by Jennifer Miller-Smith -  approved by acclamation

Treasurer report -


Need chairs for committees

  • Bylaws,
  • Issues/Platform,
  • Mobilization/Volunteer/Canvassing,
  • Legislative Outreach; a group a people who will be citizen lobbyists on the Hill and work with Reps, and write bills.



Emily Hase - difficult to get corporate money out of politics
Marla Mott-Smith - other candidates over-spending by tenfold
Mia Love spent 6 million dollars last campaign. We must give candidates an opportunity to win first, to fix Citzen’s United after election.
Erin Finney - Caucus focus on county/municipal races
Joe Bycroft - work towards goal of getting people elected - and will get reimbursed $100 by county for any fundraisers.
Ben -
Interested in issues committee - Emily Hase
                                                   Ernie Gamamol

Ernie suggestion - $600 in budget for hispanic caucuses. Uses that money to incentivize volunteers rather than paying into campaigns
Daisy - Progressive caucus has never taken business contributions
Adam Homer - not necessarily quid pro quo
Elections for Chair and Secretary

  • Joe Bycroft nominated Elizabeth and recommended it be by acclamation - passed
  • Jennifer Miller-Smith nominated Wendy Garvin for secretary - passed by acclamation

Convention report

  • Daisy - looking for location in Utah County for  August 19th
  • At the convention - county progressive caucus came out against constitutional changes
     Sara Johnson spoke for animal rights vs animal protections
  • Discussion about legaltiy of the second convention - Wendy made a motion to officially oppose the second convention by procedural rules - motion didn’t pass
  • Edgar -  motion Take an official stance against the task force? Seconded by Brian - motion passed.
  • Discussion - Erin - 63% representation on the central committee
  • Daggett county would represent the same number as SL County
  • Jennifer cited statistics - people of color disproportionately impacted than LGBT community
  • Discussion centers on how decentralizing power can be accomplished with other methods
  • Ernie Gamonal call the question 30 - 1 - 4 abstentions


Article 3 section 3, article 5 section 3 and … (Erin to fill in???)

Joe Bycroft - upcoming events

  • Disability tour of the capitol Wednesday 12th, noon
  • Caucus Chairs dinner tuesday 6:00 PM
  • Darin Mann Environmental Caucus Chips, Dip and climate revolution Jul 18, 6:00 PM
  • Woman’s caucus on hunger Jul 20, 6:30
  • Wed 19th veterans caucus taylorsville library
  • Caucuses - panel discussion with sheriff's - date TBD
  • Women’s Democratic club Saturday’s Voyeur - get democrats elected - Aug 13 - noon
  • Executive committee hiring an Executive Director
  • Wednesday night: Crossroads Urban Center Municipal Candidates Liberty Park
  • Erin Clavell congressional candidates
  • Wed 19th veterans caucus taylorsville library
  • Women hunger 6:30 glendale library
  • Hd 25 has meet & greet tomorrow night

Other business

  • Healthcare caucus says call your senators twice a day
  • Electing a republican in the 3rd district is a bad idea.
  • Emily Hase -  canvassing with Sophia Tingley-Hawes Saturday the 15th
  • Alan Naumann solar industry hearing August 9 public service commission 2pm
  • State exec committee needs a volunteer help with, data entry, furniture moving etc
  • Endorsement for progressive caucus - vote by email/facebook/survey/ and vote on endorsements a week after meeting candidates on August 1st
  • Aerial fireworks - may be banned by several cities
  • Goal of committees - get progressive candidates elected
  • At Large West Jordan Candidate - Max Johnson - lived in WJordan 22 years, work for Salt Lake County as a planner, sustainability, affordable housing, american planning commission, ethics officer.
  • During discussion about printing new shirts, it was suggested we be less frivolous about union and living wages - counter-suggestion to chair the committee to be more meticulous about progressive values - ask Dale Cox or Judy if it’s a union shop

Motion to adjourn - Ernie Gamonal - passed.