June 01, 2017
Contact: Kathleen Payne

SLCoDPC Bylaws

Salt Lake County Democratic Party Progressive Caucus Bylaws




We, the members of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Progressive Caucus, dedicate ourselves to seek individual freedom in the framework of a just society, and political freedom through meaningful participation by the members of the Progressive Caucus, and to promote the Democratic Party and its candidates for public and party office.



The body politic of the Progressive Caucus shall consist of any individuals that attend caucus meetings and are participating in good faith that share the values/constituent group interests the Progressive Caucus was formed to promote. The Progressive Caucus shall pursue its activities in a manner that is consistent with the Article X Affiliated Caucuses and Clubs as outlined in the Constitution of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party. The Progressive Caucus is authorized to run its own Political Action Committee (PAC) as part of its goal to elect progressive candidates to office.


  1. The ExecutiveCommittee shall be composed of the Caucus Chair, 1st and 2nd Vice Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Chair from each of the standing, advisory, and select committees created by the Caucus.

  2. Standing Committees, AdvisoryCommittees and Select Committees shall be organized and dissolved by the Executive Committee as needed.



The Progressive Caucus shall meet at least once annually at the annual Salt Lake County convention of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party.

  1. NominatingConventions: State nominating conventions held in even numbered years shall be the time and place for endorsing candidates unless another date and location is approved by a majority of the Executive Committee at a regularly scheduled and duly announced meeting where a quorum is present. The Progressive Caucus may choose to fill any vacancies that have occurred on the Executive Committee during the prior year at the nominating convention of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party.

  2. OrganizingConventions: In odd numbered years, the Progressive Caucus shall elect its leadership for the following two year period at the organizing convention of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party. All Executive Committee members excluding standing, advisory and select committee chairs shall be subject to election at the Salt Lake County Democratic Party organizing convention.


The Executive Committee is responsible for the details of the day-to-day functioning of the Caucus. The Caucus Chair, 1st and 2nd Vice Chairs, Secretary, and Treasurer are each elected for a two-year term in odd numbered years. Officers may be re-elected to the offices they hold. Representatives will be appointed to the Salt Lake County Central Committee by the Executive Committee in such a way as to maximize representation.


A.  The Caucus Chair shall:

  1. Serve as the principal for the caucus and is responsible for conducting all Executive Committee meetings and presides at all Caucus meetings,

  2. Along with the Treasurer, approve all expenditures made in the name of the         Progressive Caucus,

  3. Provide leadership for the Party and is invested with the responsibility to implement the decisions of the Executive Committee,

  4. Will serve as exofficio on all committees,

  5. Be invested with power and discretion to call special meetings and make summary decisions to meet unexpected contingencies.


B.  The Caucus 1st Vice Chair shall:

  1. Act in the absence of the Chair at all official functions,

  2. Serve as the Interim Chair in the event of the Chair’s resignation or inability to continue in office,

  3. Perform other duties as assigned by the Chair.


C.  The Caucus 2nd Vice Chair shall:

  1. Act as the 1st Vice Chair, Secretary, or Treasurer in the absence of those officers,

  2. Perform other duties as assigned by the Chair.


D.  The Caucus Secretary shall:

  1. Serve as the Recorder and Historian for the Caucus,

  2. Provide for the announcement of all membership meetings no later than 7 days prior to the meeting,

  3. Notify all Executive Committee members of Executive Committee meetings at least 7 days prior to the meeting,

  4. Keep a written record of all meetings of the Executive Committee and other official functions of the Caucus,

  5. Compile and maintain a list of all officers, committee members and their contact information,

  6. Compile and maintain a list of all members and their contact information when available,

  7. Keep and maintain all other official files of the Caucus, including records of all written correspondence and reports to and by the officers and chairs of the various Caucus committees,

  8. Maintain the caucus’ online presence,

  9. Perform other duties as assigned by the Chair.

E.  The Caucus Treasurer shall:

  1. Serve as the chief financial officer for the Caucus,

  2. Keep the financial records of the Caucus, including all income details as to amount, date, name and address of all contributors to the Caucus, and all expenditures detailed as to amount, vendor, and reason for expenditure,

  3. Report to the Lt. Governor’s office such details of income and expenditure as required by Utah law,

  4. With the approval of the Caucus Chair, be responsible for signing all checks billed to the Caucus, keeping and reconciling the Caucus’ checkbook and other accounts, and depositing income to the appropriate account in a timely manner,

  5. Keep files on any licenses, insurance policies, titles to physical property, post office boxes, rental or lease agreements, federal employment numbers, and shall inform the Chair when payments are due,

  6. Present a written Treasurer’s Report at every scheduled meeting that will detail account balance, revenue, and spending of the caucus,

  7. Perform other duties as assigned by the Chair.



  1. Membership shall be open to any Salt Lake County resident participating in good faith. Dues may be set by the Executive Committee, provided there are exceptions made for low income members or those willing to provide volunteer time in place of membership dues.

  2. Privileges shall include voting for caucus officers, voting at all caucus membership meetings on any item placed on the agenda, voting to endorse a Democratic candidate for public office, or other issues/occasions as may arise as determined by the Executive Committee of the caucus.

  3. In order to be eligible to vote at a caucus meeting, a member must have attended no less than three-quarters of said meeting.



  1. All decisions shall be made by a sixty percent majority vote following procedures outlined within the Democratic Party Bylaws, Constitution and other governing documents unless otherwise noted in these bylaws.

  2. Meetings shall be called by the Caucus Chair, any two officers, or by written request of no fewer than fifteen members.

  3. A quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of at least two Executive Officers plus sufficient additional executive committee members as necessary to constitute a simple majority of the Executive Committee.

  4. The Executive Committee should meet at least once a year at the Salt Lake County Convention, however, the general membership meeting held at each convention shall not also constitute an Executive Committee meeting. Additional meetings may be held as necessary.

  5. All Executive Committee meetings shall be open to all voting members of the Progressive Caucus. All minutes of said meetings shall be available to the members of the Progressive Caucus upon request.

  6. The Progressive Caucus allows for the collection of money at scheduled meetings where the name and address of the donor will be collected in accordance to Utah State Laws.

  7. All meetings, votes, and procedures shall be held in accordance with the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised unless otherwise specified.


  1. The Progressive Caucus shall meet to consider and, where appropriate, endorse Democratic candidates or issues of policy as it sees fit prior to any election. Endorsements shall be limited to Democratic candidates or candidates for nonpartisan office. The Progressive Caucus, its officers and committees reserves the right to endorse no candidate in any given race, but will not oppose any Democrat unless there is more than one Democrat in the race where an endorsement is being made. The Progressive Caucus may endorse only one candidate in any given race.

  2. All members of the Progressive Caucus in good standing shall be entitled to vote at endorsement meetings. The Caucus reserves the right to collect votes electronically or at a date and location other than the Salt Lake County Party Convention, provided at least 10 days notice is provided to the membership either via regular mail or electronically. Regular mail or a phone call shall be used when a member does not have access to electronic means.

  3. The Executive Committee shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order to determine voting procedures for the Progressive Caucus.



  1. Proposed amendments to these bylaws may be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee for consideration by any member of the Progressive Caucus’ Executive Committee or general membership. Upon consideration of any amendment proposed, the Amendment must receive support of 2/3 of the Executive Committee and be presented to the general membership at the next general meeting following adoption of the proposed amendment by the Executive Committee at which time a sixty percent majority of those members present at the membership meeting shall be sufficient for passage.

  2. Upon passage of an amendment to these bylaws, the Secretary of the Progressive Caucus shall within one week of passage deliver a written copy of the amended bylaws to the Salt Lake County Democratic Party headquarters. Changes to these bylaws shall not take effect until a copy of the bylaws has been delivered to the Salt Lake County Democratic Party headquarters.



  1. A motion in writing for removal of an Executive Officer or member of the Executive Committee of the Progressive Caucus may be made by any member of the Executive Committee or through a letter signed by the greater of:

    1. Five members who have attended the previous meeting

    2. At least five percent of the members who attended the previous meeting.

  2. in good standing of the caucus. The letter must outline the reasons for the motion and a copy must be provided to the Executive Officer or Committee member that is the subject of the motion at least 48 hours prior to any Judicial Committee meeting where the motion will be considered.

  3. If the motion regards the Chair of the Caucus, the motion is submitted to the Vice Chair, who shall have the power to place the motion on the agenda without the Chair’s approval provided the motion is in writing and submitted by the necessary individual(s).

  4. The Executive Committee, excluding the individual that is the subject of the motion, shall function as the Judicial Committee of the Caucus in the event a motion for removal of an Executive Officer is made.

  5. The Judicial Committee shall hold its meeting in closed session with the proceedings being kept confidential, except for the final report; provide for all parties in a dispute to present their side of the argument; and provide for a party in a dispute to accept the recommended resolution without notice to any other Committees.

  6. In the event that the final report of the Judicial Committee is a recommendation to remove an Executive Officer from office, the report shall be brought before the membership for a vote to accept or reject the report.

Upon recommendation for removal from office by the Executive Committee, the Secretary (or other officer if the Secretary is the subject of the motion) shall provide at least 10 days notice of a membership meeting and a membership meeting shall be held. A majority of those members in attendance voting to remove the Executive Officer from office shall be sufficient for removal and said removal shall be effective immediately. The membership shall then select a replacement.