April Board Meeting

Discussion about allowing candidates to speak at the County Convention Caucus meeting - decided we don't have time, so will need to let candidates make their case through surveys and websites on facebook. Wendy to create google questions and send out tonight.

Taylor-Mayne table - James Singer, Mitchell Vice, Shireen Ghorbani, Wendy Garvin, Edgar Harwood, Erin as progressive representative?

We want to have another fundraising event - Cooking up a revolution, potluck picnic, $27 per family, silent auction for donated stuff. 

Taylorsville days, Kearns days - reach out to Richard Jaramillo for west side voter registration, Hispanic joint event, include CD4 coalition and voterize, Karen Kwan

Kat to act as secretary at convention - Members cannot come in without placard and ballot, cannot leave until 15 minutes before the end, or they give up their ballot. Ballots are put away at 15 minutes in. Announcement will be made at the beginning of the meeting. 

Agenda for Convention: 


  • Announcement about 15 minute time limit
  • Financial report
  • UCAN speaker
  • Endorsement vote
  • Inland Port - Joel Briscoe, Liz Weight