2019 Convention Minutes

April 13, 2019


Elizabeth Payne opened the meeting at 10:45. Agenda reviewed. Rules for candidate speeches were announced. 

Treasurer's report
Discussed what the caucus has done with funds the last few years. 
Bank account balance is $1454

Guest Speaker
Shireen Ghorbani spoke to the caucus

SL County EC candidates 
Wendy Garvin spoke
Ben Luks- Morgan spoke on behalf of Sasha Luks- Morgan
Ryan Larae spoke on behalf of Tim Barber
Tim Barber spoke
Tyrell Aagard spoke
Emily Hase spoke
Spokeswoman for Elizabeth Warren spoke

Motion to endorse all uncontested race- Motion 2nd and passed unanimously
Motion to endorse Tim Barber- motion 2nd. Motion passed
Motion to endorse Wendy Garvin- motion 2nd. Motion passed

Caucus EC election
Pamela Berry nominated for Chair
Lisa Gerhke nominated for Chair
Nominations for chair closed
Erin Finney nominated for 1st Vice Chair
Motion to close nominations for 1st vice chair
Vote by acclamation to elect Erin Finney as 1st vice chair
Michael Saumere nominated for 2nd Vice Chair
Motion to elect Michael Saumere as second vice chair. Motion passed
Motion to nominate Jeff Horton for secretary.
Motion to close nominations for secretary and vote by acclamation. Motion passed
Motion to nominate Paul Jansen for treasurer. 
Motion to close nominations for treasurer. 2nd. Motion to elect Paul Jansen for treasurer. Motion Passed
Motion to vote for Chair
Pamela Berry elected as chair of the Progressive Caucus

Municipal and state candidates and elected officials
Deb Henry spoke
Sim Gill spoke
Robin spoke on behalf of the Women's Democratic Club
Erin Mendenhall spoke
Luz Escamilla spoke
Kaletta Lynch spoke
Sophia Hawes-Tingey spoke
Michael Iverson spoke
Marcus Stevenson spoke on behalf of David Garbett

Motion to adjourn, 2nd. Motion Passed.