SLCo Democratic Progressive Caucus

Promoting the principles of social and economic justice, a non-discriminatory society, and national priorities which represent the interests of all people, not just the wealthy and powerful with a commitment to participate and follow through with action.

2017-2018 Executive Board 

ChairElizabeth Payne
1st Vice Chair - Erin Michael Finney
2nd Vice Chair - Edgar Harwood
Secretary - Wendy Garvin
Treasurer - Kathleen Payne

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Join us at our next Meeting:

When: Saturday, January 27, 2018. 2 PM- 5 PM

Where: City and County Building, 2001 S. State Street. Council Chambers

Agenda: Endorsements for Salt Lake County Candidates

  • Candidate Speeches
    • Candidates will get 2 minutes to address the members followed by three minutes for Questions and Answers.
    • Members must be present for 2/3 of the meeting to vote, per our bylaws
  • Vote!